Tea as a Way of Reflection

July 23, 2020

Early tea rituals were a time to slow the normal rhythm of life and become aware of all your senses, developing an appreciation for the beauty of the moment, no matter how imperfect it may be. 

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Japanese Green Teas For Cherry Blossom Season

April 10, 2020

Spring is the most exciting time of year in Japan, as cherry blossoms bloom in waves up the coast the green tea harvest follows. Our video shares more about our favorite Japanese Green Teas and why we enjoy them so much.

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10 Ways to Stay Well with a Tea Lifestyle

March 29, 2020

Finding and maintaining a balanced harmony of health and wholeness between body, mind and spirit is the focus of a tea lifestyle. 

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Rwanda White Needle Tea from the Land of 1000 Hills

January 23, 2020

From the rich volcanic soils of Rwanda comes our limited edition Rwanda Rukeri White Needle. Silky sweet and full of flavor, it is our current afternoon mood.

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Come Together Over Tea

January 18, 2020

Tea sparks the heart and offers a deep and meaningful way to connect with friends or loved ones. Tea opens the heart and creates sacred space, it invites in the addition of candles, incense and meditative music. Rather than wine or beer, try...

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