The Calming Effect of Chamomile

December 31, 2020

European health and beauty wisdom has long touted the mental and physical calming properties of the chamomile flower, a versatile and gentle balm for the body and mind.

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The Ayurvedic Beauty of the Rose

December 26, 2020

An iconic expression of love, the rose has allure beyond its physical traits and is revered worldwide for the almost magical properties it offers to body, mind and soul.

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The Art of Blending Tea

December 23, 2020

Blending tea is a bit like creating a perfume. Start with a base note and add complimentary ingredients noticing how different teas and tisanes make you feel. It's about the freedom to experiment and the joy in discovery.

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New! Tea Blenders Box

November 23, 2020

Experience the joy of creating your own teas for body, mind and spirit with our new Tea Blenders Box. 

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