What Spices Are In Chai?

November 12, 2019

Combine the fragrant aroma of the warming spices with the astounding healing, energizing and comforting properties of this miraculous tea, and you will truly understand the reason for the loyalty to chai. The abundant, distinct spices used when...

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Chai Production - The Firepot Way

November 09, 2019

Today, when I walk into our St. Louis chai microbrewery, the distinct smell of Firepot chai in the kettle  floods me with 18 years of warm and vibrant memories. The process has not changed, though it has expanded quite a lot!

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The History of Tea in Japan

November 06, 2019

The history between Zen and tea is ancient and deep in Japan, so it makes sense that teas there are grown and processed to provide health and wellness to body, mind and spirit.

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