Japanese Green Teas For Cherry Blossom Season

Spring is such an exciting time of hope and renewal. No where is this more emblematic than in Japan with the cherry blossoms flowering in a wave  of color flowing from southern Japan to the north. Following closely behind the cherry blooms are the green tea buds, sprouting and bursting forth with vibrant life and color. All of Japan is filled with freshness, new life and hope. It's the most exciting time of the year!  That's why we're eager to talk about favorite Japanese Green Teas and share why we enjoy them so much.


Our Favorite Japanese Green Teas:

1. Gyokuro: Shaded for at least three weeks before harvest, gyokuro tea leaves retain high levels of amino acids, antioxidants and umami flavor to bring you health, focus and enjoyment.

2. Matcha: Matcha is a finely ground green tea made with leaves that have been shaded for increased amounts of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and caffeine. When whisked with water, it produces a vibrant, smooth and creamy green shot that can be drunk alone or made into lattes and other matcha recipes.


3. Genmaicha (Japanese Peasant Tea): This Japanese Sencha combined with brown rice dates back to the days of the Samurai when green tea was a luxury and supplies were bolstered with rice. It has a grounding taste and pairs well with food, especially sushi.

4. Kukicha: This "twig tea" is made from the stems and shoots of the tea plant, rather than the leaf. Since caffeine is concentrated in the leaf, it is lower in caffeine and more alkalizing in the body.

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In bursts of color and aromatics, Japan inspires hopefulness and joy. Spring is such a cheerful time of year. Give yourself a taste of renewal and an opportunity for regeneration with Japanese Green Tea. Join us in a celebration of spring by sipping this vibrant energy source from Mother Nature. Share your experiences with us on Instagram! 



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