10 Ways to Stay Well with a Tea Lifestyle

Your being is a complex blend of a physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. Each part is intricately and uniquely connected. When one is healthy, it has a positive effect on the others. Conversely, when one part is unhealthy, that also has an effect on all the others. Finding and maintaining a balanced harmony of health and wholeness between body, mind and spirit is the focus of a tea lifestyle. 

Learn to Listen With Your Body

Your body, mind and spirit are speaking to you constantly. Sometimes, they sing - when life is in balance and peace reigns. Other times, they cry out for attention, letting you know that something in your life is out of whack. When those times happen, it’s important to pay attention. Even science tells us that those patients who are battling a physical illness will heal more quickly when embracing a positive and grateful mindset and a peaceful disposition. However, life regularly threatens to pull this delicate balance of wholeness off-center. It’s in those times that you need to notice what your body, mind or spirit is trying to tell you...and then stop and take action to center and restore. 


10  Tips for Wholeness

Ideas for Body, Mind and Spirit. 

  1. A cup of Hibiscus Elixir - a beautiful blend of hibiscus, elderberry, rosehips, ginger, licorice root, lemon grass, dried apple and citrus - in your favorite mug. 
  2. A mug of Matcha - Matcha is a natural blend of powerful properties for health and gives your body a needed energy boost. 
  3. Fuel your body properly - Choose natural and organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods. Drink lots of tea and water. 
  4. Read a book - or reread your favorite book. Step into another world or learn something new. 
  5. Allow yourself time to rest and rejuvenate. Quality sleep is a miracle worker.
  6. Create a daily gratitude journal and write down all the blessings in your life for which you are thankful. 
  7. Smile - your brain knows when your face is smiling and your whole being responds by feeling lighter and happier.
  8. Sing - doesn’t matter whether it’s on key or off, singing is a personal position of joy and a wonderful emotional release.
  9. Practice yoga - a calming and centering exercise that strengthens body, mind and spirit. 
  10. Drink tea! Simply search “Tea Ritual” on www.firepot.com for a list of ideas including tea suggestions and music links. Host a virtual Tea Ritual online using Zoom, Skype or Facetime and invite your friends and family to participate. We suggest our Moroccan Tea Party Guide as a way to get started. 

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Your body, mind and spirit are like a 3-legged stool. When they are in balance, stability reigns. When one suffers, the whole thing is in danger of falling over. Adopting a tea lifestyle will help keep harmony among all three, giving you every advantage, not just during a difficult season, but for life. 

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