A Reason to Celebrate: National Chai Day


There just isn’t anything like a steaming cup of warm chai on a cool Autumn day. To see how to make a chai latte using Firepot’s chai concentrate and how to make chai using the loose leaf chai, click the links here. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can easily personalize your chai latte by experimenting with different types of milk. Almond milk, cashew milk, and oat milk each add a unique and creamy flavor profile to the drink. Let us know which combination is your favorite by hopping on Instagram and sharing a picture with us - #FirepotChai.


Chai is a warm and welcoming indulgence, offering a few stolen moments of comfort and peace in the midst of what is often a changing and tumultuous world. So much so that chai isn't just for tea anymore. Chai’s popularity has increased over the years so the taste is favored for cooking and baking. Some of our favorites include chai pumpkin pie - perfect for your holiday table. If you haven't tried chai apple bread, this is an easy must-try recipe that makes your kitchen smell amazing while it's baking. Lastly, the chai bourbon mule is a fun twist on a classic cocktail.  See our Chai Recipe Guides below for these recipes and more!



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