Afternoon Tea: A Life-Changing Midday Break

Considered a quintessential custom of some of the oldest and most influential cultures throughout history, the act of taking midday or afternoon tea break is something that we should embrace even in today’s hurried times, or perhaps, especially so with the ever increasing speed of life!

The custom of drinking tea at some point during the day, primarily midday or afternoon, dates back to the third millennium BC in China. Of course, its more modern appreciation was likely derived from England’s King Charles II when he adopted the custom in the 1660s. The more modern take on the customary precedent was not a part of daily life until the mid19th century. 


Why Midday Moment or Afternoon Tea Should Still be a Custom

While the convention of stopping for afternoon tea is no longer part of our daily routine, the act of an afternoon pick-me-up in the form of healthy tea break can still be embraced even in our modern society. How many times have you reached that 2:00 to 3:00 slump only to wish you could grab anything with sugar for a reviving energetic boost? Tea is one way to get that lift without the negative attributes that come along with processed foods or sugar- loaded snacks. In fact, tea holds within it so many added benefits beyond energy. Steep a cup and know that you are also receiving the following benefits when stopping for a mid-afternoon tea:

  • Healthy Option for Hydration: As mentioned above, many times when that afternoon slump comes to call, we just want to grab help us get over the hump. Tea offers a healthy natural alternative to hitting the vending machine, though, and helps hydrate the body so it can sluff off the weariness. 
  • Helps You Burn Calories: Who doesn’t want their body to burn more calories, even while at rest? Tea can do this for you by giving your metabolism a much-needed increase. This means your body will naturally burn more calories, which makes tea a great afternoon, after-lunch treat. It also happens to aid in digestion, which is also gratuitous.

  • Offers a Caffeine Boost: While there are some variety of teas that are caffeine-free, there are many that do have caffeine. Caffeine-induced tea is a great wake-me-up during your afternoon slump. 

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What teas are Best for Midday or Afternoon Breaks?

Any of our superb teas can be part of your afternoon tea break routine. However, we do have some recommendations for teas that work better than others in this role. The following are our recommendations for the best teas to incorporate into your mid-day routine, all of which are organic and fair trade:

  • Golden Soul: This is the ideal tea if you want something sweet and soothing. We believe this spicy turmeric-based Golden Milk powder will kick your day off right or warm up your evening, or, boost your mid-day energy.
  • Elemental Energy: If you would like a dose of positive energy to help you power through and refocus for a productive afternoon, elemental energy is a great tea to try with Yerba Mate, Green Tea and other mood and energy-enhancing plants!
  • Matcha Latte: Matcha is a  green shot of health for your body and mind. Try it with with milk and a swirl of maple syrup for a healthy Matcha Latte.

  • Illuminated Mind: Find clarity with the cognitive function enhancing Japanese green teas in Illuminated Mind. This tea is rich in L Theanine, GABA and caffeine to help you power through the rest of your day. 
  • Firepot Breakfast: A lively and robust tea offering a chance to re-energize your day. Try it British style with milk and sugar or our favorite way, toddy style, with lemon and honey!
  • Soul Revival: Anti-inflammatory turmeric blends beautifully with black tea and warming, invigorating spices to make this a true cup to revive your soul! Add milk and honey to taste!

Let's bring back the mid-day tea break!

For us, anytime is teatime. However,  when you need to step back from a busy day juggling the responsibilities of work, home and COVID- era life in general, may we suggest that you pour yourself a cup of tea?  If even only for a moment, an afternoon tea break will bring you health, energy, wellness and a sweet escape to shift your perspective and bring you back into balance. As English novelist Henry James once said, “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” We couldn’t agree more!


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