Rwanda White Needle Tea from the Land of 1000 Hills

We traveled to Rwanda last November to visit Sorwathe, the tea garden where all of the black tea for our chai is grown. Sorwathe is an organic and fair trade garden in the hills of Rwanda about an hour and a half from Kigali. When you drive there, you wind up a long, red clay road for miles until you come to what seems like the top of the world. There, you are surrounded by 360 degree views of lush green tea fields and, in the mornings, a layer of mist that makes you feel like you are floating on the clouds….


We love East African black teas for their lively and full flavor and also because they are renowned for being so clean. Rwanda, in particular, is known for producing bright and flavorful black teas and also for having a pesticide-free growing environment. In Sorwathe’s tasting room, we discovered Rwanda Rukeri White Needle. We liked it so much that we bought some on the spot, and we are so excited to share it with you!


One of the most flavorful white teas we have ever tasted, Rwanda Rukeri White Needle expresses the soft sun, rich peat and volcanic soils and vibrant essence of the garden where it is grown and processed. Made from just the terminal buds of the tea plants, each cup delivers a plethora of essential oils, vitamins, antioxidants and flavor.

When you drink it, you feel like you are floating on the clouds!

You can find Firepot Rwanda Rukeri White Needle Tea both online and at Firepot Tea Bar in Nashville!


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