The Ayurvedic Beauty of the Rose

Roses have long been a symbol of affection, passion, beauty and elegance. Their delicate petals and intoxicating aroma have been an enchantment for men and women for centuries. An iconic expression of love, the rose has allure beyond its physical traits and is revered worldwide for the almost magical properties it offers to body, mind and soul.

Regarded as one of the most potent medicinal botanicals in medieval gardens and Ayurvedic medicine, rose petals are known to calm the body and mind. Their fragrance alone is enough to restore peace to your soul, and that’s why it’s prized in perfumes. Topically, the antioxidant properties of rose water helps hydrate the skin and restore its youthful appearance. Rose petals have beautifying effects on your body, softening and brightening the skin when used in lotions or creams, or when added to water for bathing. 

rose petals

The energetic properties of roses are used to bring balance, restore calm and impart beauty to the soul, but they have a similar effect on the body. Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties that are known to soothe skin irritation and even calm acne. Teas and oils are known to strengthen the immune system and soften symptoms of insomnia, depression and anxiety. One cup of dried rose petals contains no fat, no sugar, no carbs and no calories...but what it does contain is the reason  it does contain Vitamins A, E,  C and iron and calcium. They are a soothing tisane for drinking that can also be used as an ingredient in pastries, spice blends, body oils and salts. 

Whether you’re admiring their elegance in a vase or garden or enjoying the decadence of rose oils, soaps, lotions or creams, it seems that we’ve fallen under the spell of these beguiling blooms. They seem to stimulate a natural longing we all have for what’s beautiful. They were a natural addition to our Tea Blenders Box, and we encourage you to try them alone or with our Jasmine Green Tea as part of “Beauty” - one of the recipes included in our Tea Blenders Box

Tapping into our senses in a way no other flower on earth ever has, roses connect us to something deeper - a need to love and be loved. Whether it’s reminding us to love ourselves or accepting their invitation to allow ourselves to be loved by another person...roses truly have our hearts. 



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