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At Firepot Nomadic Teas, we believe that tea blending is one of the greatest art forms and ways to cultivate creativity. Ever since making our very first batch of masala chai in 2001, we have been hand-blending each and every one of our organic and ethical teas for taste, health and wellness. That passion was the inspiration behind our new Tea Blenders Box.

There is something meditative, empowering and expressive about creating your own tea blends. Whether you are working with healthful botanicals or the legendary leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, we believe that the process of tea blending is one of the greatest art forms and an amazing way to relax and to show yourself some self-love!

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Plants are Mother Nature's medicine cabinet and the best way to come to understand their healing properties is to work with them directly. Blending them with your hands, tasting them, noticing the way they make you feel and paying attention to which combinations you like best is part of the joy of personalizing your tea.

In this box, you will find everything that you need to get started on your tea blending journey, including a diverse assortment of teas and botanicals, storage containers for your favorite blends, biodegradable and eco-friendly paper tea filters for steeping your blends, a journal to document your recipes and experiences, plus recipes for some of our favorite wellness blends for you to try!

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Here’s what’s included in your Tea Blenders Box:

  • Tea Blending Journal
  • Blending Spoon
  • 2 Extra Storage Tins
  • 20 Paper Tea Filter Bags
  • Selection of 9 Organic Teas & Botanicals:


More about the teas and botanicals in your box:

1. Peppermint

Flavor and Aroma: Menthol, cooling, spicy

Health Benefits: Uplifting, digestive, brings ease to the body, protective

2. Chamomile

Flavor and Aroma: Apples, dried hay, honey

Health Benefits: Relaxing, soothing, comforting

3. Turmeric

Flavor and Aroma: Pungent, bitter, bold and warming

Health Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, good for the heart and brain

4. Ginger

Flavor and Aroma: Citrus, spice, tropical flower

Health Benefits: Anti-viral, prevents disease, eases pain, digestive

5. Ceylon Black Tea

Flavor and Aroma: Brisk, aromatic, lemony, tannins, spice, cocoa

Health Benefits: Uplifting, good for bones and teeth, strengthening


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6. Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Flavor and Aroma: White flower, vegetal, sweet, luxurious

Health Benefits: Antioxidant, nourishing, boosts metabolism and benefits eyes and skin

7. Rose Petals

Flavor and Aroma: Violet, apple, raspberry

Health Benefits: Soothing, balancing, good for the skin and internal organs

8. Lemongrass

Flavor and Aroma: Citrus

Health Benefits: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, uplifting, cleansing, good for the blood and to ward off disease

9. Cinnamon

Flavor and Aroma: spicy, sweet, woody, warming

Health Benefits: antioxidant, anti-carcinogen, lowers cholesterol


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Blending Tea: More Art Than Science

Blending tea is a bit like creating a perfume. The secret is to start with an intention and a base note on which to build a solid foundation. Then, complimentary ingredients are added to activate and accentuate.

For example, if your intention is to develop a blend for relaxation, you might want to start with chamomile, an herb that you can tell is relaxing just by looking at it or smelling it. Its soft notes, pale yellow flowers and gentle delicacy give it away (your intuitive understanding of the function of various plants might already be stronger than you think!).

Then, you could add perhaps some rose petals to enhance calm with balance and beauty. A bit of mint contrasts the chamomile while helping to aid digestion. Finally, a pinch of lavender integrates into the mix with aromatherapeutic properties.

It is helpful to think in 4 parts of a whole as well. I typically begin with 3 parts of the base and add 1 part of the supportive ingredients. From here, I can taste and add more of whichever ingredient I feel wants to be seen. Blending is an intuitive art, so turn on some music and drop out of your mind and into the process of blending.

Be sure to record your experiences in the journal! You’ll want to remember which blends you enjoyed and how they made you feel. Some you’ll want to return to for a moment of peace and tranquility, others for a morning pick-me-up. Your journal will help you perfect your new craft as a tea connoisseur.

Our hope is that you will use this box as an experiential education in teas and tisanes (herbal infusions) and that it will bring you hours of creativity, wellness and fun! We cannot wait to see what you create!




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