The Mystery and Allure of Jasmine Green Tea

There is nothing quite as mesmerizing and uplifting as the scent of blooming jasmine flowers. When they are combined with nourishing and stimulating fresh green tea from Fujian, China they create a beautiful and sensual cup as well as a momentary escape! The story of the marriage of green tea with jasmine blossoms is a sultry one … read on to learn more!

Each spring, organic green tea is harvested and processed in Fujian, China, a coastal province known for exquisite green and white teas. The tea is then put away for storage in waiting for the mid summer jasmine bloom.

Imagine coastal Southeast China in the summer… the air is hot and thick with the scent of jasmine flowers in bloom. Early in the day, jasmine flowers are tightly closed in buds to protect themselves from the summer heat; at night these flowers open releasing their fragrance. The flowers are harvested at midnight at the peak of their potency...

The allure of Jasmine

...then, the tea is brought out of storage and spread out on drying racks. Throughout the night, loads of fresh jasmine flowers are brought in and layered on top of the tea. Once the flowers have given their scent up entirely to the tea, they are removed. This process is repeated with fresh flowers up to 10 times in one evening - depending on the quality and grade of jasmine tea being produced. Since the dry tea leaves absorb the moist essence of the petals, the leaves must be dried once more before packaging. 

The result is a richly aromatic tea that tells the story of summer nights and midnight rituals. Each cup reveals a fusion of nature, modern artistry, and a labor of love.

Fujian Jasmine Green Tea


How Jasmine tea Soothes Both the Body and Soul

Fujian Jasmine Green Tea tea has all of the health benefits associated with other organic green teas including powerful antioxidants and sustained stimulation. In addition, jasmine flowers are rich in polyphenols which are renowned for helping promote heart and brain health. Jasmine green tea promotes a feeling of wellness, creativity, and focus. 

Best of all, the tea is sweet and delicious - a treat for all of your senses. Each cup is a warm and inviting experience. Who couldn’t use a moment of sweet solitude in their day?



Premium green tea infused with jasmine blossoms.

Steeping Instructions

Follow these instructions to brew the perfect cup of jasmine tea.

  1. Boil water to 180° F then let it cool a little. Pour 8 oz into a cup.
  2. Add 2 teaspoons (3.8 g) of Fujian Jasmine tea 
  3. Steep for three minutes then let it cool for around 3-5 minutes as you enjoy the sensual aroma. 
  4. Enjoy!



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