Firepot Tea Bar

After years of dreaming and planning, we opened our first tea bar in Nashville’s 12th South neighborhood on April 26th  2018. Now, one year later, it is awesome to drive by and see lines of people out the door, walking up and down the street with green, pink and yellow tea lattes and posing for pictures on the wicker bench outside the shop!

Cozy window seat at the Firepot Tea Bar

Our hands-down most popular drink has been the cardamom matcha latte with our house-made almond hemp milk, but Spring Detox, with activated charcoal, green tea and fresh pressed ginger and lemon juice, runs a close second. My favorite is still our classic Firepot Chai with Hatcher Farms whole milk. I’ve been drinking one a day for about 18 years!

The most surprising thing has been our CBD sales.. both in drinks like Emerald Zen and Green Goddess and in bottles and salves by Yuyo Botanics. Also, pillows, tea glasses and other items we bring in straight from the souks in Morocco have flown out the door!

Firepot Rituals Mug My favorite addition of the year was the Rituals Mug. I love the design, the happy turmeric color and that it keeps our paper waste down and saves our regulars 50 cents each time they use it rather than a paper cup!

We have SO MUCH planned for this year both at Firepot as a whole. From healthy and vibrant summer drinks, new tea ware from ceramics artists around the world and teas like our new GABA and Milk oolongs to more focused work towards or mission to support women through sustainable business, we are on fire in 2019 and happy to have you on this journey with us!


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