Cardamom Matcha Latte Recipe

Cardamom Matcha Latte

Our Cardamom Matcha Latte is the number one best selling tea at our Nashville Tea Bar because it tastes delicious and truly is an instant and sustained mood booster!!

Matcha powder with matcha whisk and bowl

I have always had a love for cardamom—it reminds me of all the cardamom infused baked goods we ate growing up at our summer cottage in Finland. I always thought that it made me feel good because of the sweet associated memories.

Actually, cardamom has been used traditionally in Asia and the Middle East as an herbal upper for ages. In fact, it has been known to lower blood pressure and heart rate and to reduce inflammation as well.

Matcha and whisk, and milk pouring into matcha

When combined with our Zen mind-inducing ceremonial matcha and nut milk and sweetened with maple syrup, it is more than a pick me up, it is a whole new perspective!

Cardamom Matcha Latte with Matcha whisk

Cardamom Matcha Latte: In a mug or cup add 1 tsp of sifted matcha, 1/2 tsp of cardamom, and 1/16 tsp of Himalayan pink salt and whisk. Next, add 1 oz of hot water and 1 oz of maple syrup to the dry ingredients and whisk until combined. Heat 8 oz of milk in a saucepan until hot. Use a frothing wand or try one of these easy ways to froth your milk at home for creamy and smooth milk. Finally, pour milk over matcha mixture and enjoy!

Cardamom Matcha Latte recipe card

Download the Cardamom Matcha Latte recipe card here!


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