Firepot Chai Concentrate: Masala Chai and Rooibos Chai

Sometimes, having just one chai to choose from is not enough! For those of you who love the process of slowly brewing your own chai from loose leaf with just the right amount of sugar and spice, we have that option available. However, life can get fast and it is nice to also be able to pour, heat and go! For those times, you can reach for a bottle of our micro-brewed chai concentrate. Chai, in concentrate form, gives you the ability to easily make your favorite latte on the run, and it’s also a simple way of incorporating the great taste of chai into your cooking and baking. Since we offer two types of chai concentrate: Masala Chai and Rooibos Chai, we are often asked about the difference between the two.

The only difference is in the base teas we use. Each carry that unique Firepot flavor that we are known for, it just translates differently depending on which leaf is used. 


Firepot Masala Chai Concentrate

In India, the birthplace of Chai, Masala means spice and references a blend of spices ground into a powder or paste and used in cooking Indian food. Our masala chai is inspired by an ancient recipe from Northern India. Our spice mixture is hand-blended and freshly ground in-house for a uniquely vivid and balanced taste. The Masala Chai Concentrate is our original recipe and is made from Rwandan black tea. Because the strength of the black tea stands up better to the spices, it doesn’t taste quite as spicy as the rooibos chai. It is the one to drink if you are in the mood for a classic/traditional chai. When you use chai in cooking or baking, it is typically the one we recommend, as the flavor blends well and adds the exotic taste of chai to breads, cookies and even chicken. If you want to experiment with chai in your cooking, we invite you to download our free chai recipe guide


Firepot Rooibos Chai Concentrate

Rooibos Chai Concentrate is brewed with rooibos leaves from South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains. Rooibos is a small evergreen shrub that grows in mineral and nutrient-rich soils. It can be made into both red (fully oxidized) and green (unoxidized)  varieties. Rooibos is caffeine-free and has no tannins. It has an earthy, honey taste that is both smooth and sweet. Rooibos is known in its native South Africa to preserve the youth and gladden the heart. It is used by pregnant and nursing moms especially for its high levels of vitamins and minerals. Rooibos is very good for you. Because it is not as strong or tannic as our original masala chai made with black tea, the rooibos chai tastes a bit spicier - i.e. the spices are a little bolder and stand out more on your palate. Try the rooibos chai with chocolate milk for a caffeine-free chocolate chai that kids and adults will love!


Which one do you choose? 

You really can’t go wrong with either one. Try them both and let your taste be your guide. You may find, like us, that you like them both but for different applications. They both contain our signature spice blend, an exotic and aromatic masala that’s uniquely Firepot. Both will warm your heart and comfort your spirit through the long cold days of winter. 

Interested in learning more about chai? Where did it come from? What spices are in chai? How do I make a chai latte at home? What type of tea is used in chai? Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Chai for information, resources, chai recipes, demonstration videos and more! 



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