6 Reasons to Fall in Love with Chai Concentrate

It’s no secret that we have a special relationship with chai. Chai, after all, was the inspiration so many years ago on which we built the Firepot brand. It wasn’t long before Firepot MasalaChai became a worldwide movement. In a labor of love, we took the next step and hand-crafted our proprietary blend of chai concentrate, brewing the masala and tea with vanilla and sugar so that it could be easily combined with milk and heated or iced before serving. The result is chai concentrate - a slow steeped and micro-brewed bottle now found in kitchens around the world. 

Loose-leaf chai is elegant and refined. There’s something almost spiritual about pouring hot water over the aromatic masala blend and watching it slowly release warm and alluring spices into the water. Sometimes, however, life is fast and you don’t have time to wait. In those moments, you need something a little more ready-to-use. The beauty of reaching for a bottle of Firepot chai concentrate is sweet and simple. With so much versatility, there are many reasons why you can easily fall in love with chai concentrate. 

chai concentrate

Here are 6 reasons to fall in love with Chai Concentrate:


1. Convenience

Chai concentrate allows you to literally, “Pour, heat and go!” It’s crazy how something this simple can taste so good. When you want to enjoy a chai latte on the run, simply blend your concentrate with equal parts of milk, and either heat it or pour it over ice. Viola! A perfect way to treat yourself when life gets busy. 

2. Creativity download-our-chai-recipe-guide

Looking for a way to elevate your cooking to include the allure of chai spice? Consider the possibilities! Chai tiramisuChai pumpkin pie. Chai sweet potatoes. Chai brownies. Chai cider. A Chai Bourbon Mule and a Chai Sparkler! Shift your culinary skills into overdrive with the simple addition of chai - start with our chai recipe guide and holiday chai recipe guide. Feel free to experiment on your own, and if you discover masala magic in your kitchen…let us know! 

3. Flavor

Any trip to India will reveal hundreds of chai wallahs - chai vendors who operate small businesses along the street for brewing and selling their masala chai from recipes that have been passed down through the family for generations. The chai spice blend they prepare is a source of pride. The Firepot blend is no different. Inspired by an ancient recipe shared with us in India, our masala blend of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and coriander creates a uniquely vivid and balanced taste…a palate pleaser for nearly 20 years. 

4. Quality

Part of the reason people reach for chai is for love of the taste, but there’s more. Chai is consumed also because you love your body, and want the best for it. The healthful benefits of drinking tea and the properties of each individual element in masala make it a gift for the body, mind, and soul. Made with organic hand-ground spices, our masala is of the highest quality. Our careful spice selection makes the difference in Firepot Chai Concentrate and assures you the maximum taste and health benefit derived from each individual ingredient. 

5. Choices

Everyone loves choices and Firepot’s chai concentrate gives you the opportunity to choose from either our classic Masala chai concentrate or our Rooibos chai concentrate. The only difference is in the base teas we use. Each carries that unique Firepot flavor that we are known for, it just translates differently depending on which leaf is used.

The Masala Chai Concentrate is our original recipe and is made from Rwandan black tea. Because the strength of the black tea stands up better against the spices, it doesn’t taste quite as spicy as the rooibos chai. It is the one to drink if you are in the mood for a classic/traditional chai. When you use chai in cooking or baking, it is typically the one we recommend, as the flavor blends well and adds the exotic taste of chai to bread, cookies and even chicken.

Masala chai concentrate - new label

Rooibos Chai Concentrate is brewed with rooibos leaves from South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains. Rooibos is a small evergreen shrub that grows in mineral and nutrient-rich soils. It can be made into both red (fully oxidized) and green (unoxidized)  varieties. Rooibos is caffeine-free and has no tannins. It has an earthy, honey taste that is both smooth and sweet. Because it is not as strong or tannic as our original masala chai made with black tea, the spices are a little bolder and stand out more on your palate. Try the rooibos chai with chocolate milk for a caffeine-free chocolate chai that kids and adults will love!

Rooibos chai concentrate - new label

6. Community

Since the beginning, our mission has been to connect tea lovers with tea growers to improve the lives of both. An essential expression of this is environmental stewardship where we make business decisions that consider the well-being of the people and places where we work. Firepot Nomadic Teas is a global business and sustainability isn’t just something we discuss, it’s a lifestyle that we embrace. Firepot supports organic and Fair Trade practices and donates one percent of all sales to the empowerment of women and the preservation of wildlife in tea origins. To us, sustainability means: 

  1. Sourcing teas & ingredients that are organically grown
  2. Sourcing teas that are ethically traded, meaning that workers receive fair wages and clean and safe working conditions. 
  3. Donating 1% of all sales to organizations that are doing work that supports women, the environment, and the local community. As an example, we donate 1 % of our sales to support the Akilah Institute.
  4. Keeping packaging minimal and, when applicable, organically based.

Click here to learn more about our mission


So yes, we unabashedly love chai. We’re addicted to this alluring blend and invite you to join us in our obsession. 

Interested in learning more about chai? Where did it come from? What spices are in chai? How do I make a chai latte at home? What type of tea is used in chai? Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Chai.





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