Make It At Home: Masala Chai Latte from Concentrate

When we first started making chai in 2001, we were committed to improving lives and wanted to share the experience of brewing freshly ground chai with people at home.  There is something so satisfying about brewing chai at home. The aroma of the spices rising in the steam, the rich, brown color of the brew when you add the milk and the ability to choose your own sweetener or to add some fresh ginger or turmeric root. However, we realized after many years of preaching “make your own,” that people wanted the experience of a slow steeped, micro-brewed chai in a ready-to-go bottle. So we started brewing and bottling in 2013!

After introducing our Firepot Chai concentrate to the Nashville market, we were soon serving every high-end coffee shop and cafe in town! 

It turns out that there is a place for both.  "Both/And" as the Zen monks say. Sometimes you want to pour, heat and go...and other times you are more in the mood to steep, smell and linger.


Firepot Masala Chai concentrate is made by first freshly grinding the spices, then we add the tea, then we add raw organic sugar and vanilla and bottle it. The result is the taste that has had our devotees’ hearts for almost 2 decades in the convenience of a bottle.

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Chai concentrate is not just a handy way to enjoy a latte, it makes cooking with chai as easy as measure and pour. Add it to breads, icing, cocktails and even marinades. In fact, if you love the taste of chai, you might also really enjoy our free Chai Recipe Guide! Full of our favorite recipes, this free guide includes everything from Vanilla Chai Bread to the Chai Bourbon Mule. We think you'll love it. Download it by clicking here or on the image below. 


Interested in learning more about chai? Where did it come from? What spices are in chai? How do I make a chai latte at home? What type of tea is used in chai? Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Chai for information, resources, chai recipes, demonstration videos and more! 



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