Tea's Healing Properties for Winter Wellness

Staying healthy and energized in the cold and dark winter months can be a challenge! In addition to a good night’s sleep, frequent hand-washing and eating whole foods with lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet, it’s important to drink well too. Tea provides a plethora of potent nutrients for your body. Not only can drinking tea be, in itself, restorative, but as the leaves and herbs share their goodness in a steaming cup of hot water, your body will reap the rewards.

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Certain herbs are known to have properties that support your immune system. During winter months when colds and flu abound, these herbs are helpful in supporting the body’s natural immune system: echinacea, hibiscus, elderberry, ginger, rosehips, licorice root, citrus (lemongrass, orange peel, lemon peel) and turmeric serve as wellness in a cup. They taste great too!



Regular times each week to exercise or practice yoga can help you stay strong and avoid stress. Listening to your favorite music adds joy to a dreary day and time with friends invites the healing power of love and laughter. Keeping a positive mindset helps you maintain internal wellness, and time out for a steaming cup of  tea in your favorite mug strengthens your body and soul. In the winter, choose green tea or teas that are infused with healthful herbs and spices like Golden Soul or Hibiscus Elixir.


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