Sunday Tea Rituals

Manifest with us in May! There is no better time than Spring to plant seeds of intention that you can watch bloom throughout the year! Join us here each Sunday in May to set your personal goals and put some ritual behind watching them come to fruition! Share your thoughts and experiences at #mytearitual.

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"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ritual Music: Iluminar by Porangui

Click here to play Iluminar by Porangui on our Sunday Tea Rituals Spotify playlist.

Movement: Tapping

Come to a cross legged seated position. Begin to tap your forehead lightly with your fingertips, waking up the intuitive space of your third eye and calming the mind. Continue bringing energy into this space for 30 seconds or so and then expand to the top of your head, your shoulders or anywhere else that feels good. Let your intuition guide you!

Woman tapping her forehead with her fingertips

Meditation: Visualization

Grab your journal and join us for week 2 of Manifest in May! Return to the space you set in last week's meditation and read over the five or so intentions that you set. Close your eyes and visualize each of them coming to fruition. Allow the images to take shape naturally and notice the details of the images in your mind. Spend a few minutes journaling about your experience!

Firepot Tea Recipe: Illuminated Mind

Illuminate your mind with our organic Matcha covered Sencha, Illuminated Mind. The Zen monks who spread the use and ceremony of tea across Asia knew that these beautiful green leaves gave them a meditative mind. Today, we credit L. Theanine, an amino acid prevalent in Japanese green teas like Matcha and Sencha, for increasing alpha waves in our brains and putting us in a relaxed yet alert mental state. We also credit the slow-release caffeine in these teas for calm yet alert focus over an extended period of time. Click here to read more about Matcha's benefits!

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