Sunday Tea Rituals

Manifest with us in May! There is no better time than Spring to plant seeds of intention that you can watch bloom throughout the year! Join us here each Sunday in May to set your personal goals and put some ritual behind watching them come to fruition! Share your thoughts and experiences at #mytearitual.

Zen Mind statue

"When you make contact with your higher self, you'll have the support of Nature, which will allow for the manifestation of all you desire." -Deepak Chopra

Ritual Music: Taro by alt-J

Click here to play Taro by alt-J on our Sunday Tea Rituals Spotify playlist.

Movement: Supta Baddha Konasana

Come to a seated position and bring the soles of your feet together. Slowly roll down until you are lying on your back (you can place a rolled blanket or bolster under the length of your back for extra support if you would like).

Woman laying on a blanket on a wooden platform

Meditation: Harness the Power of the New Moon

The new moon heralds the first cycle of each month when the moon has an upward pulling gravity. In ancient traditions, new moons were considered to be a time to plant seeds, literally and figuratively. Today, they represent a fresh start, a time for new beginnings!

First, find a sacred space that you can return to each Sunday this month.

Then, get your journal and find 30 minutes alone and in silence.

Now, take a few deep breaths to center and to connect with your highest self. Reflect on what you would like to call into your life—a specific item, event or happening, a mindset or feeling. Be sure that your list is coming from your heart rather than from the expectations of others or society. What do YOU truly desire to come closer to being the best version of yourself?

Write down 5 things, events, happenings, mindsets or feelings.

Then, actually ask these things into your life, out loud. It will sound something like, "I invite surrender into my life this month for the greatest good and for my own personal evolution."

Finally, close your eyes and imagine this goal coming to fruition.

Firepot Tea Recipe: Matcha margarita

This is our very favorite frozen margarita recipe with Firepot Amai (sweet) matcha simple syrup for a creamy taste and a zen mind!

Click the photo below to get the recipe!

Firepot Matcha Margarita

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