Sunday Tea Rituals

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February 24, 2019: Express Yourself

woman standing on a deck above the ocean with arms raised in salutation to the setting sun

"Be yourself. The world worships the original." Ingrid Bergman

Ritual Music

Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Rós

Movement: Cat and Cow

Come onto your hands and knees on a yoga mat or towel and begin to lift your sit bones, chin and heart on the inhale and dropping your hips and head on the exhale. Close your eyes and allow the movement to flow from your body and your intuition rather than from your thoughts. Don’t judge or change the movements, just notice them.

blond woman in blue workout clothes doing yoga on the beach as the sun sets

Meditation: You Are One of a Kind

The world needs you and your unique gifts and talents! Write down 3 adjectives that describe your individual strengths. Next to each one, write down how that strength has come to serve a friend.


Firepot Tea Recipe: Soul Revival

Steep a cup of Soul Revival, adding milk and sugar as you like

Soul revival hot tea with ingredients

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