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February 17, 2019: Living From the Heart

dark hair woman in a yellow dress sitting on a pink cushion next to a display of tea for a tea ceremony

“I want love, but not at the cost of freedom. A steady income would be nice too but only if it comes from doing something I believe in. It seems the more I live from the heart, the more my material requirements show up when I really need them.”
from Swell by Captain Liz Clark

Ritual Music

So Far by HaBanot Nechama

Movement: Anahata

Come to a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Place your palms together in front of your heart, fingertips pointing up. Take a deep breath in, softening and opening across the heart on the exhale. Inhale and draw your hands apart. Exhale and bring them back together. Repeat slowly 3 times and feel the energy moving through the palms. On the final exhale, place both hands on the heart, one on top of the other, bringing this energy into the heart.

dark hair woman in a yellow dress meditating on a pink cushion next to a display of tea for a tea ceremony

Meditation: Living Wholeheartedly

Living wholeheartedly means choosing love over fear. Think of one time in the past week that you chose love over fear. How did that choice make you feel in the moment? Later that day? How has it affected your life?


Firepot Tea Recipe: Chocolate Chai

Mix Firepot Chai concentrate with chocolate milk of your choice and heat! Top with a dash of cayenne for a spicy chai.

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