Sunday Tea Rituals

Move with us in June! We're celebrating the Summer Solstice, the full strawberry moon and the rising Yang energy of summer with intuitive, meditative and ecstatic movement all month. Join us and share your thoughts and experiences at #mytearitual.

free dancing by woman in red dress with blue feather mask

"There are only two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein

Ritual Music: Roady by Fat Freddy's Drop

One of our favorite Kiwi dub bands begs us to express ourselves and to reconnect with the joy of being fully alive in our bodies! Click here to play Roady by Fat Freddy's Drop on our Sunday Tea Rituals Spotify playlist.

Movement: Ecstatic Dance

Release to the beat with us this week as we experience the ancient healing practice of ecstatic dance!

Since ancient times, people across countries and cultures have found health, joy, connection and clarity by dropping into their bodies through ecstatic dance. Ecstatic dance is any kind of intuitive, whole-body movement inspired by music. Something about being free in your body and completely out of your head allows you to connect with your inner child, your highest self and the pulse of the whole universe!

I can personally attest to the magic of ecstatic dance, as we had a junkanoo, a Caribbean trance dance, at our wedding in the Bahamas. The junkanoo band marched in after dinner, beating their drums in unison, and before long, every single guest was moving together, as if we were one unified body. Everyone was exhilarated and even Cecelia, who was in her mm's belly for the reception, came out four months later dancing, seemingly transformed by the experience!

All you have to do is turn up the music (try our song of the week), let your mind go and allow your body to move to the beat. Once you get out of your head and accept whatever comes, you'll start to feel the power of this embodied meditation!

free form dancing at a wedding

Meditation: Reflective Journaling

Grab your journal and ponder the power of intuitive movement! What came up for you? Were you, like me, wondering why you don't do this every day? Did you notice anything interesting in your movements or perception of the experience?

Firepot Tea Recipe: Kukicha cold brew

Click the photo below to get the recipe!

Kukicha Cold Brew

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