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Life is better when we take the time to focus on our positive intentions. The Rituals Collection teas empower you to create a personal practice that attracts more love and beauty into your life. Our Cult of Flowers tea blends fragrant flowers, Ayurvedic and adaptogenic herbs and berries to create an experience that opens your heart to the beauty that is all around you and within you.

Drawing from ancient wellness traditions to promote physical, mental, and emotional resilience, this lively and vibrant red tea draws you into your own private retreat where you can take time out to relax and connect to those you love and to yourself. 

While such a ritual may seem like a decadent escape, it goes much deeper. This gorgeous practice strengthens both your commitment to your own wellness and your compassion for others. There is nothing wiser than taking time to care for yourself -- body, mind and spirit.

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Our Cult of Flowers herbal tea is caffeine-free, organic, and nurturing physically and emotionally. The sophisticated, sensual aroma reveals a cocktail of hibiscus, floral notes and delectable spices. Not only are these ingredients a feast for the senses, these ingredients are used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to promote wellbeing and balance.

Cult of Flowers features a blend of delicious organic ingredients including: 

  • Refreshing hibiscus: which contains antioxidants. 
  • Protective Cinnamon: which is not only delicious it is revered for anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Balancing Rose petals: they contain antioxidants and promote healing.
  • Restorative schizandra berries: they are traditionally used as a tonic to promote vitality.
  • Soothing lavender: It is a lovely fragrance that naturally promotes rest and relaxation.
  • Decadent vanilla: It offers the sensual sweet suggestion of a dessert without empty sugar calories.

The scents and flavors mingle for a tantalizing experience while the Ayurvedic properties promote good health.

Steeping Directions

  1. Bring water to a boil then let the water cool a little.
  2. Pour 8-ounces of nearly boiling water into a cup then add one tea sachet. 
  3. Steep for five minutes, this is a good time to visualize your intentions and hopes.
  4. If you like, add a little honey to taste.
  5. Enjoy a cup of Cult of Flowers while you adorn your home with fresh flowers!

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Rituals For Attracting Love and Beauty

Love and beauty are all around us when our hearts are open to the experience. Try the following exercises and meditations to prepare your heart.

  • Gently rest on your back with your legs opening our to each side and the soles of your feet touching. Take a moment to relax into the pose. Breath slowly and deeply, imagine feeling the air move up and down your spine.
  • Reflect on what makes you feel gratitude, abundance, and love. Make a list or write in your gratitude journal.
  • Consider burning Palo Santo wood to reinvigorate the fire in your heart. Imagine unwanted energy leaving your inner space. 
  • Use rose and sandalwood essential oils to gently massage your heart area and to nurture yourself. 

While sipping tea and practicing these rituals, consider repeating your affirmation periodically to promote positivity and self-love.

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My inner beauty shines brighter each day. I radiate love.

Often during the hours and days following this ritual, participants notice an abundance of beauty in their daily lives. You may also feel a sense of love for yourselves, your loved ones, your community, and life itself. Repeat regularly to maintain radiance and resilience. You deserve a private retreat!



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