Rituals Collection: Illuminated Mind

In the Rituals Collection, we combine potent plants and adaptogenic herbs into delicious blends, each inspiring a healthy lifestyle with a suggestion for rituals and wisdom for wellness. Our Illuminated Mind comes in a plant-based organic tea sachet and is made with matcha covered sencha.

Matcha and sencha are two types of green tea with a different texture, growing method and taste. Matcha is grown in the shade and the leaves are ground into a fine powder. Sencha is grown in full sunlight, and is a loose leaf green tea that has been steamed and rolled. They have varying health benefits that, when combined, bring the best of green tea together in one.

Illuminated Mind, then, incorporates the best of both of these green teas together by taking the loose leaf sencha and covering it in powdered matcha. The result is a blend of everything you love about green tea. The caffeine of matcha and the L-Theanine of sencha produces a relaxing, meditative mood and mental clarity. It’s perfect after your morning meditation or for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Illuminated Mind 1

Steeping Directions

Steep 1 tea sachet in 8 ounces of almost boiling water for 2 minutes.

Rituals for Cultivating an Illuminated Mind

Stand tall like a mountain, then alternate balancing on each side. Write down 3 characteristics in yourself and others that inspire you.

Indulge in a forest bath, shinrin-yoku, by simply walking in the woods, opening your senses to the energy there. Bring along a thermos of Illuminated Mind green tea.

Rub a few drops of clary sage or rosemary essential oils on your temples. 


By staying in the present, I create mental clarity in my life.

Illluminated Mind 2-1

Within minutes of finishing a cup, the creative juices will start flowing and you’ll feel more alert and focused. Your body will thank you as well, for making green tea a regular part of your daily ritual.


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