Photos of food and drinks at a summer solstice celebration

Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate the sweetness and freedom of summer. It is a time to gather with friends and family and to revel in the long days, bare feet, bright sun and rejuvenating medicine of the great outdoors!

The fireflies are out, the waters are warm, come join us with our Firepot Fruit Tea and Firepot Tea Punch recipes, perfect for batching and sharing with friends! This weekend, people are making bonfires, weaving floral wreaths, singing, dancing, eating, drinking and celebrating nature all over the world!

Firepot Fruit Tea with Edible Flower Ice

Our favorite drink for the Summer Solstice is a traditional taste of Southern front porch tea punch. A variation on Southern Sweet Tea, this one is made extra refreshing with pineapple juice, citrus and fresh mint. Add a little dark rum for our twist on a Planters Punch! Download our recipe card at the bottom of the page to make our punch at home!

Summer Solstice is a time to spend time in nature, appreciating the beauty of all the flora and fauna around us. Flowers bring you beauty and happiness not only in a vase or in nature, but also when taken internally. They bring balance to the mind and body and call in healing and joy!

To go along with our Firepot Fruit Tea, we're sharing a recipe for Edible Flower Ice!

Some of our favorite flower friends to use in the recipe are:


Download our Firepot Fruit Tea and Edible Flower Ice recipe cards here!

Firepot Fruit Tea and Edible Flower Ice recipe cards

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