Make It At Home: Matcha Shot


Just like the Zen Monks who consumed Matcha for its meditative powers, its ability to conjure calm and its sustained energy, you can also make Matcha at home as part of your daily ritual!


We love a Matcha latte, or a Matcha soda or even a Matcha cocktail, no doubt, but there is something so simply serene about a vibrant green, potent shot of pure Matcha. Think of it a little like an espresso shot. It is amazing to make into myriad drinks, but sometimes a shot with a little sparkling mineral water and lemon on the side is just what you need.



In our video below, we show you everything you need and how to whisk like a monk, but here is a quick list:

  1. Matcha Bowl (chawan)
  2. Matcha whisk (chasen)
  3. Hot water
  4. Ceremonial Matcha
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Ceremonial Matcha is the key ingredient here. It is the highest grade of Matcha available commercially. Interestingly, there is a grade higher reserved for special ceremonies which would be out-of-reach financially for most tea lovers today. 

Ceremonial Matcha is higher grade because:

  1. It is harvested during peak season when the leaves are rich in flavor and nutrients.
  2. It is made from shade-grown leaves that have higher amounts of amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals.
  3. It is stone ground.
  4. It is from Japan. Other tea producing countries make green tea powder, but they do not follow the techniques that have made Matcha famous through the ages.

We love Ceremonial Matcha so much that we use it in all of our Matcha drinks at our Nashville tea bar. It makes a big difference in taste (more smooth and less bitter) and feels better in your body (more calm, focused, sustained high energy).



At Firepot, we  also carry Amai Matcha (“sweet Matcha" in Japanese), which is cooking grade Matcha blended with raw, organic sugar. It is fantastic for sweet Matcha lattes, smoothies, and baking. Basically, in any scenario where you have competing flavors and the ceremonial Matcha would get lost in the recipe.


We offer one other organic Matcha product: Illuminated Mind, our Matcha covered Sencha tea sachet in The Rituals Collection. It is perfect for when you need a Matcha on the go and has a sweet, smooth and nutty flavor which will add vitality and nutrients to your water bottle or tea cup or thermos for  when you are on the go!



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