Matcha Recipe Guide

In the 8th Century, Buddhist monks brought the first tea seeds back to China to enjoy in their monasteries. At that time, it was ground and compressed into bricks or cakes for easy storage. It wasn’t until a century later that the use of powdered tea - somewhat similar to what we know as Matcha today - became the standard.

Revered for its revitalizing and healing benefits and also for inducing a meditative state of mind, this early form of powdered Matcha was used extensively in Chinese Zen monasteries and by the military elite. Today, our love for Matcha remains strong for the traditional benefits as well as for its umami taste and bright green color!


Easily incorporated into recipes, Matcha adds another dimension of taste and health to smoothies, sweets, baked goods, and an array of drinks that we love! 

To that end, we celebrate this centuries old tea and raise our Matcha margaritas to toast all the different and delicious ways to enjoy an ancient tradition. 

To access your free copy of the Matcha Recipe Guide, click on the image below. 


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