Make It At Home: Ceremonial Matcha Latte

What makes our Ceremonial Matcha so special?  Ceremonial suggests formality, importance and great attention to detail. It implies spirituality and a deeper meaning. For tea lovers across the world, there's little  more sacred than a Tea Ceremony. And Firepot Ceremonial Matcha is one of the highest grades of Matcha available, prepared specifically for those transformative moments of health, peace and well-being.

Our Ceremonial Matcha is special for many reasons. Besides being grown organically in a remote region of Japan. The time and attention dedicated to its preparation is unique to any other tea. Matcha leaves are shaded 3 weeks before harvest to guard the leaves from the sun, preserving their taste and maximizing their nutritional benefit. Then once harvested, the leaves are stone ground. This ancient technique protects the leaves from mechanized processing that can dilute their taste and nutritional value. The love and attention to detail that goes into growing and processing this type of Matcha is something that you can taste - and also feel.


It is about quality....something that we're a little fastidious about. All the Matcha drinks we serve at our tea bar in Nashville are prepared with ceremonial-grade Matcha. It is important to us that you be able to have the same experience at home. In our video below, we show you how to prepare a classic Matcha latte using our Ceremonial Matcha. It's easier than you might think!


Once you try it for yourself, you'll fall into sync with the tea and develop your own relationship with the process...pouring, whisking, sipping and discovering what your particular taste prefers. Make it your own by trying different types of milk - each will bring a unique taste; soy milk is nutty and smooth, coconut milk is smooth and refreshing with a tropical taste, almond milk is light and clean, and cashew milk is savory, earthy and rich.  At home, you are free to explore and discover which combinations are your favorites.

Indulge yourself with some of our tea bar favorites, like our popular Cardamom Matcha latte (made with Ceremonial Matcha, Himalayan pink sea salt, cardamom and maple syrup) and others available in the journal. You can also experiment with vanilla, ginger, cacao or any other ingredients that sound good to you!

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However you find that you like your Matcha latte, know that your body likes it even more! It is full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and will bring you a calm, focused state of mind...a treat for body, mind and spirit. After all, you deserve it!

If you like Matcha, you'll also enjoy our Matcha Recipe Guide that features our sweetened Amai Matcha.  The guide is full of our favorite recipe variations on different ways to enjoy Matcha...everything from baked goods to cocktails and more!


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