Comprehensive Guide to Chai for Devotees Worldwide

The Firepot chai story began in 2001 in Bozeman Montana in a little Tibetan teahouse adorned with hand-painted floors and prayer flags. I would spend early mornings grinding whole spices and boiling them with organic black tea, raw sugar, vanilla and milk. The aroma of warm chai brings back fond memories of walking through the snow to begin the process of chai production, afternoons spent with incense burning throughout the teahouse and the quiet conversations of friends chatting over steaming mugs of hot chai. 

Since then, I have honed the recipe, removing ingredients like star anise and orange peel, increasing the amount of cardamom and overall strength, and choosing just the right tea to bring the blend to life (organic Rwandan!). The result is nothing short of chai nirvana. We’ve dedicated ourselves to perfecting our craft, finding and providing the highest quality organic and sustainably sourced tea and spices. Firepot’s chai lineup includes loose-leaf chai, chai concentrate...and for those on-the-go...our portable tea sachet, “Soul Revival.”  We’ve diversified over the years as well, offering rooibos chai, chocolate chai...and the newest member of our chai family...yerba mate chai.  


For chai devotees across the world, Firepot chai has grown to become a worldwide movement. For us, we’ll never forget the quiet sanctuary of a small Tibetan teahouse where my heart was first sparked in devotion - a devotion that inspired an enterprise dedicated to providing quality chai to the masses. 

With a wealth of knowledge and experiences, we wanted to share what we’ve learned in the hopes of inspiring new devotees to perhaps try chai for the first time. You’ll learn about what it is, where it comes from, the bountiful health benefits, different types of chai and...once you are ready to move past the basic chai latte...a list of variations beyond the latte and recipes that demonstrate its flexibility in cooking and baking. Click here or on the image below to view our Comprehensive Guide to Chai. 





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