Tea Blenders Box Recipe: Sleep

Sleep is a restorative necessity for our bodies and minds, which is why the quest for a good night’s sleep is vital to our health and wellness. Given that nearly a third of adults have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night, tea has become a nighttime ritual for many. The calming and soothing effects of organic botanicals in this tea recipe can help your body naturally relax and make falling asleep easier.

With so many options available for sleep aids, we believe that Mother Nature has provided a myriad of wholesome and healthy ways to relax both the body and the mind. Botanicals are naturally caffeine-free and non-addictive. This recipe for ‘Sleep’ from our Tea Blenders Box calls for 4 parts chamomile, 3 parts rose petals and 2 parts peppermint. Peppermint is powerful and yet soothing. It calms the stomach and the mind, and provides an anchor for the senses. Roses provide a beauty and balance, and chamomile provides the base that pulls the elixir together like a warm bath.

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It’s important also to develop an evening routine. From experience, we know that the process of putting small children to bed at night is made easier by having nighttime traditions: a bath, a story, a chance to cuddle, a blanket and a nightlight. Routine, especially at night, helps the brain detach from a busy day and focus on the process of calming down and going to sleep. For adults, the process and ritual of preparing your evening tea is, in itself, a routine that will afford the same benefit.

An evening tea routine can consist of your favorite mug and walking ceremoniously through the steps of heating the water, adding the peppermint, roses and chamomile, and watching as the botanicals unfold in the hot water releasing their tranquility. It’s a process that over time signals to your mind that it’s time to rest. A favorite chair, a throw and maybe even a few stolen moments inside a good book will help seal the deal.


"Sleep is the best meditation."

~ Dalai Lama.






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