Plum Pinwheels Recipe

So many of our favorite recipes around the holidays bring back memories of childhood...of family, laughter, and the warmth and comfort of tradition. No more is this more personified than in the Plum Pinwheels recipe - a  traditional Finnish pastry that is surprisingly simple to make at home.

In Finland, Plum Pinwheels are always on the tea table at Christmas time. In Swedish, the word fika means coffee, and it refers to a regular coffee time where people gather around the table to eat and  socialize over cups of coffee. In Finland, meals are called “coffee” - there’s morning “coffee” and noon ‘coffee,’ and there is always a spread on the table (bread, cheese, sliced seasonal vegetables, smoked fish, etc...).

Sometimes, in the afternoon, there is a meal called “tea”. This time, the table is set with sweets rather than savory bites. Here, there is herbal tea or hot cocoa for the children. Especially at Christmas time, the table is spread with cakes, cookies and sweet treats. Plum Pinwheels are always on the table during this time of year.


Learning to make plum pinwheels as an adult was surprisingly simple and rewarding! It looks as though it should be a complex recipe suitable for a chef, but the homemade Danish pastry is simple to prepare. Plums are such a rich and luscious fruit, and when a bit of lemon juice is blended with them in the recipe, it creates a fruity tartness that brings the flavor to life.. And they fill your home with a lovely aroma while baking!

We love being able to share some of our traditions and favored recipes from our travels around the world in the Holiday Recipe Guide. There,  you willl find the recipe for plum pinwheels and more that may inspire a new tradition of a holiday fika in your own home.








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