How to Make Chai at Home [Videos]

There’s nothing better than having the skills to make the perfect cup at home whenever you would like. Whether you love the classic loose-leaf masala chai, rooibos chai or chocolate chai, or the ease of our chai concentrate most, making chai at home is liberating! If you are a bit of a renegade at heart and prefer to go off script, you can even make it your own way! While the exotic taste of chai is alluring in its own right, there isn’t anything mysterious or difficult about making it at home.

In the videos below, we showcase Firepot's classic chai blend in both loose leaf and concentrate, and walk you through the steps for making chai in the comfort of your own home. Once you learn the basics, you can step into the newfound freedom of being able to enjoy chai anytime you want, and being able to experiment with different recipes to find your own masala nirvana. We even demonstrate making chai with Yerba Mate, a South American tea known for its delicate taste and natural boost of energy.

Check out our Chai Recipe Guide for a list of new ways to enjoy the warm spice of chai beyond the traditional chai latte.

We hope these videos inspire you to make chai a regular part of your daily routine.

The 3 videos you'll find below include:

1. Make It at Home: Chai Latte from Masala Chai - Loose Leaf 

2. Make It at Home: Chai Latte from Masala Chai  - Concentrate

3. Make It at Home: Yerba Mate Chai - Loose Leaf


Make It at Home: Chai Latte from Masala Chai - Loose Leaf



Make It at Home: Chai Latte from Masala Chai - Concentrate

Make It at Home: yerba mate chai


After you make your first chai latte at home, you are off and running! You have the freedom to modify your chai latte to taste the way you want it to. Try it with almond milk or oat milk and notice the difference. If you prefer your chai iced, simply pour your chai latte over a glass filled with ice. Add honey if you prefer a natural sweetness. From there, the sky is the limit! 

Be sure you never run out of your favorite Firepot Chai teas by setting up a tea subscription where it can be delivered to right to your home...worry free. 

We invite you to check out our Chai Recipe Guide for great new ways to enjoy chai beyond the chai latte. Chai Fried Chicken anyone? 

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