Now Available! Tea Subscriptions

With a busy lifestyle, nothing's worse than to finally have a chance to rest and break for tea and reach for the box or tin of your favorite blend...only to find out that it's empty. Ugh. We get it! Many of you have asked for a way to have tea automatically delivered on a regular basis, and we are excited to announce that we are now offering pay-as-you-go subscriptions for many of your favorite teas!

At last! You now have the opportunity to custom-design your ability to enjoy Firepot Tea without the hassle of remembering to reorder. All of your daily teas, from the Chai collection to our breakfast teas and your favorite evening elixirs, are easily accessible on a subscription basis. You choose how much you would like to receive and how often it is delivered. We will take care of the rest!


As an extra thank you for your ongoing support, each of these subscriptions are 10% off. Simply click on Subscriptions on our website and select the Subscribe and Save option as you check out. Set up the amount and frequency for your subscription. We have a “Gift Subscription” option as well for sending tea to the tea lovers in your life. Changes are easily made to your account, everything from delivery frequency to address edits, etc. You can cancel at any time. Simply check out our Subscriptions FAQ for any questions you may have. 

A Firepot tea subscription means no reaching for empty containers, and no more having to remember  to re-order. You can relax, knowing that every time you need a tea break, and reach for your favorite Firepot will be there for you.



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