Masters & Pioneers: Mingjian Milk Oolong

Mingjian Milk Oolong Tea is renowned for its decadently rich creamy sweet taste as well as the aura of myth and mystery surrounding this elusive tea. If you appreciate a touch of natural sweetness within a silky-smooth mouthfeel, you may enjoy this rare and extraordinary drink.

Traditionally a “Milk Oolong,” sometimes referred to as a Silk Oolong, originates from Taiwan. The tea is grown high in the mountains resulting in a deeply concentrated blend of scent and flavor. Mingjian Milk Oolong Tea was named after its birthplace and mysterious sweet yet buttery taste. Often people mistakenly assume that is produced using milk or cream, but the true secret is far more exotic. 

Authentic Milk Oolong Tea is so rare because the tea must grow in a specific mountain location and the production process requires both precision and expertise. The tea makers follow an age-old tradition where they partially oxidize the leaves before gently roasting and rolling the leaves allowing the sophisticated and intense flavor to unfold. The result is a tea as exquisite as a flawless orchid with slightly flowery flavor notes.

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Savoring a cup of Mingjian Milk Oolong Tea is deeply satisfying to any tea connoisseur. Beyond the sophisticated blend of taste and texture, this tea also contributes to physical and spiritual well-being. Some benefits include:

      • The balanced combination of Caffeine and L-theanine in tea promotes mental alertness without that wired feeling sometimes associated with coffee.
      • While the tea promotes alertness, it also helps the drinker relax, unwind, and de-stress. Some compare a cup of this tea to a warm hug.
      • It contains polyphenols and a range of minerals that promote health and balance. 
      • Regular consumers often find the tea helps them manage their body fat and also helps relieve skin conditions like eczema.

Some tea lovers find that Mingjian Milk Oolong Tea is a special treat that helps them enjoy a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived. After all, there is just something satisfying about enjoying a buttery smooth and subtly sweet tea. 

If you choose to share, don’t be surprised if you have to explain to your guest how this tea is in fact both dairy-free and low in calories. Whether it is part of your morning ritual or a pick-me-up from the afternoon slump, Oolong gently invigorates without overstimulating. 

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STEEPING Firepot Mingjian Milk Oolong Tea 

Firepot Mingjian Milk Oolong Tea is produced in Mingjian, Taiwan where Mr. Xie has been pioneering the organic tea revolution for over 20 years. Our tea comes from his 2018 Organic “Milk Oolong” - famous for its naturally sweet and creamy taste. The indulgent flavor is thanks to the Golden Lily cultivar and the light processing method he employs. 

 To steep your perfect cup, simply:

      1. Heat water to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.
      2. Pour 8 ounces into a cup then add 5g of Milk Oolong to the cup
      3. Wait for two minutes, we find this is the perfect time to practice deep breathing to prepare yourself.
      4. Strain and enjoy! We find we get three quality infusions. 

Bonus: For Gong fu cha brewing, use half the amount of water and steep for 1 minute.


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