August Tea Ritual

Finding Ease With Suhka

Woman sitting with her hands over her heart

"You will find your way. It is in the same place as your love. -seek" -Nayyirah Waheed

Ritual Music: Narayan by Nirinjan Kaur

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Movement: Camel Pose

Camel pose

Practice strength and surrender with the camel pose.

Come to your knees, hip-width apart. Place your hands, fingers pointing down, on your lower back. Inhale and lift the heart. Exhale and drop your head back while you bring your elbows towards each other. When you are ready, you can drop your hands to your ankles or heels.

Practice sthira by keeping the structure in this pose, the core engaged, tailbone dropping down and heart-lifting. Practice sukha in this pose with steady, rhythmic breathing and softness in the shoulders.

Meditation: Loving Kindness Meditation

Cultivate breath awareness as a daily practice to come into a sweet balance with this loving-kindness meditation.

Sukha & Sthira: Sukha is the Vedic concept of ease. Its opposite is sthira, effort. The rhythmic balance of the two is what we strive for in every moment. The best way to gauge whether you are in balance is to turn your awareness to your breath. Is it rhythmic and smooth or is it short and fast?

Watch the guided meditation video below to lead you to awareness and awakening.


Firepot Tea Recipe: indian rose garden latte

Unwind with our favorite herbal nightcap, Indian Rose Garden. Indian Rose Garden is a classic blend of restful, balancing and digestive herbs like chamomile, rose petals, spearmint and lavender. It is delicious alone or made into a latte, as seen here.

Click the photo to get the recipe!



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