We are so glad to introduce our dear friend, Kindy Girdley of Revel Nashville. We are excited to announce that the beautiful body and wellness products from Revel are coming to the Tea Bar soon! We asked Kindy a few questions about earthing and how she incorporates it into her daily practice.

Q: What is earthing?

A: Earthing is removing anything that comes between your skin and the earth, such as shoes, socks, concrete, wood, laminate, plastic, etc. and instead, coming into direct contact with soil, water, sand, etc.

From a scientific perspective, the idea is that the earth has a mild negative charge to it. Over time, especially with our modern lifestyles, our bodies build up a positive charge. Direct contact with the earth can even out this positive charge and return the body to a neutral or grounded state.

Q: How has earthing benefited you?

A: I am a highly sensitive person so when I'm not careful about protecting my energy, I can take on other peoples', which can be overwhelming. Earthing, in combination with a grounding exercise that my spiritual teacher gave me, is exactly what I need to feel grounded and even keel. It is amazing no matter how upset I get, when I practice earthing, I am better almost immediately and a sense of calm washes over me. Personally, I think it should be a daily practice for every human being. Imagine if everyone was walking around connected to the earth instead of their phones. Amazing!

Q: How do you practice it at home?

A: I really love to integrate grounding into my daily morning ritual. When weather permits, I like to walk outside in the grass and hold my favorite tree, a tulip poplar, and immediately feel the ground before anything else. Then I do my stretching and breathwork and sometimes I incorporate those practices outside on the ground as well, which is incredible! Any time I am feeling overwhelmed, irritated, upset, or just feel like I need that earthing connection, I try to stop what I'm doing and get outside with the ground beneath my feet and hands.


Kindy Girdley with her products from Revel NashvilleKindy Girdley is a whole foods chef, wellness guide, and is currently studying to become a vitalist herbalism practitioner. For several years she has been studying the power of medicinal plants and herbs, Ayurveda, how to heal through food, movement, breathing, meditation, self care, daily rituals, organization and de-cluttering, for her personal use and is now sharing the knowledge and tools she has collected over the years to help guide her clients on their personal path to balance.

Photo by: Lindsey Rome


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