I grew up spending summers with my family at our lake house in central Finland. We pulled dinner from the old forests and deep lakes that surrounded the little cottage that my grandfather built after the Winter War. We gathered around a picnic table under the birch trees twice a day, feasting on homemade rye bread, my uncle's smoked salmon and the love of family. At night, we bathed in the sauna and launched our naked bodies into the cold lake under the midnight sun.

Left: people swimming in a lake in Finland, Right: laundry hung up to dry in the forest

I learned more from my wanderings in those quiet woods full of berries and fairies and during my aunt, mother and grandmother's sauna sessions than I did back home at school in Tennessee.

Sarah Scarborough (right) walking toward a lake in Finland with her grandmother (center) and mother (left)

Woman doing yoga on the dock of a lake at sunsetOnce I was on my own, I went searching for that kind of connection and a life in sync with nature, trying to recreate the feeling of the summer house. I spent a decade working and studying on organic farms in California and Montana and on this path eventually came to tea with the first batch of Firepot Chai in 2001.

It was my goal from the beginning to connect tea lovers with tea growers to improve the lives of both. And this mission as well as my enlivening chai, have been the heart and soul of Firepot ever since.

My journey with tea has shown me traditional cultures around the world and how they use tea to connect and to enjoy the sweet simplicity of life. In a way, it has led me full circle, showing me not a place where I can live how we do at the lake house, but a way of life that brings the same rich connection. This is the tea lifestyleone of presence, peace and joy. It is what I hope to share with you through Firepot Nomadic Teas.

With love,

Sarah Scarborough, Founder, Firepot Nomadic Teas

Join our journey: Sarah Scarborough standing in a grassy field

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