Boost Your Body’s Virus Immunity Naturally with Elderberry

We can learn a lot from our Native American ancestors. They were well-versed in the knowledge of how natural resources were to be used in treating a wide variety of illnesses. While much of this institutional knowledge has been lost over the years, we are slowly rediscovering all the ways Mother Nature shares her healing powers. One of those ways, gaining popularity in recent years, is elderberry.

For hundreds of years, teas and syrups made from the elderberry plant have been used to fight upper respiratory infections and boost immunity. Studies in recent years reveal that individuals with cold and flu symptoms who took elderberry syrup were able to get better more quickly than those who didn’t. Full of antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C, both the berries and the flowers share their goodness and healing power.  In fact, the flowers actually contain 10x more flavenols than the berries! One of the most common medicinal plants in the world, elderberries are a low calorie and flavorful addition to a healthy diet. 

Firepot hibiscus red tea in a clear mug on a wooden table with a plant and a copper kettle

The berries, while tart, are used to make juice, jam, pies, and wine. The flowers have a delicate aroma and can be eaten raw or cooked. Be careful though. If you’re preparing elderberries at home, don’t eat uncooked unripe berries, bark, leaves or roots - they contain toxins and may cause nausea and vomiting.  Firepot-hibiscus-elixir-loose-leaf-2

To stay healthy this winter, give your body every advantage. We prescribe a steaming cup of Hibiscus Elixir - a beautiful blend of hibiscus, elderberry, rosehips, ginger, licorice root, lemon grass, dried apple and citrus - in your favorite mug.

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