Chai Recipe Guide

Chai has been running in our veins for a long, long time. For us, it is more than a cup or a taste-- it is an experience, a remembrance, linking us to so many amazing people and experiences in all of the places that Firepot Chai has called home: Montana, Alaska, Nashville, New Zealand, and beyond.

The smell of the spices coming together in the grinder is magical alchemy connecting us back to our roots. 

From the beginning, Firepot has also been steeped in cooking (Firepot was born at the Tibetan Trader and Teahouse in Bozeman Montana where our founder would send mornings making curries, chapatis, dal, and soups.) So the idea of creating a Chai Recipe Guide was only natural. Chai is a literal wealth of aroma, taste, and health that warms hearts AND souls, and we are thrilled to share these recipes with you.



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