Chai Holiday Recipe Guide

Move over pumpkin’s chai season! There’s something about the warmth and tradition behind masala chai that draws us in. Knowing you’re also doing something good for your body has us reaching for chai more than any other drink this time of year. 

Our classic masala chai has inspired a worldwide movement. It’s also inspired us to reach for more fun and unique ways to incorporate the exotic blend of spices into our holiday cooking and baking. For that reason, we gathered together loaded with chai to cook, bake, test, taste, and celebrate the bountiful versatility of chai. We had a lot of fun with these recipes - even the photoshoot was filled with laughter and lightness that tends to accompany chai. Our kitchen smelled amazing!  Jumpstart your day of cooking with a dirty chai latte - the great taste of a classic chai latte plus a burst of expresso to get you going. 


Of these 8 new recipes, It’s hard to decide which is our favorite. We love them all...but for different reasons. We like the classic twist on traditional desserts like chai tiramisu and chai apple bread. But for serving family and friends a specially prepared holiday meal, there’s nothing like chai roasted potatoes or chai sweet potatoes to give an exotic twist to some of our classic favorites. And speaking of classic favorites, you’re missing something special if you don’t try our chai pumpkin pie. We’ll let you in on a little your chai pumpkin pie off with a huge dollop of maple whipped cream...and the combination is positively heavenly. Partner it with a steaming mug of chai cider and you’ve just reached a level we call “chai bliss.”


These recipes are easily made with either our loose-leaf masala chai or our masala chai concentrate. The concentrate makes it super easy - no steeping is needed. The work is already done for you. Once you serve any of these recipes with your holiday guests and they are raving about your culinary prowess, surprise them with gifts to be able to enjoy the great taste of Firepot Teas at home.

From our Firepot family to yours, we wish you peace, joy, and health in the new year. 





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