Chaga Chai Recipe

Chaga Chai is what is flying out the tea bar door lately! Chaga is a Nordic mushroom long revered for its healing benefits from preventing inflammation, reducing blood sugar levels, fighting cancer and bolstering immunity!


Don’t be scared - it does not make your chai tasted like mushrooms. Chaga mushroom powder is a rich source of B-vitamins, promotes overall well being and is a strong source of energy. You can get it at most any health food store, but we like Sun Potion Chaga. It just adds a bit of grit with a slightly earthy and vanilla taste! To make it your daily health and longevity ritual at home, download the recipe below!



Chaga Chai Recipe

 You'll Need:

5 oz Masala Chai concentrate

5 oz milk or milk alternative

½ tsp Chaga powder


To Make:

1. Start by combining Firepot Masala Chai concentrate, milk and Chaga powder  to a saucepan and heat.

2. Stir to combine using a frothing wand or spoon. 

3. Pour into a mug and enjoy!

Download the recipe card here!


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