Tea is Love: Mother's Day Gift Roundup

We are moms, so we know what moms love. Sometimes, the best thing you can give a mom is a cup of tea and the time for her to finish it, the chance to peacefully savor every sip.  Enjoying a cup of tea represents love, a stolen few moments to breathe deeply, to stop and appreciate life. That's why we carefully selected 3 of our favorites for Mother's Day: a Matcha set,  a starter teapot with some of our personal favorite teas, and a collection of daily essentials.

A "tea time-out" with one of our Mother's Day Gift selections is the perfect way to tell a busy mom how much she's appreciated. There is seldom a better image of what love represents than the image of motherhood, whether she's mom to her own children or mothering others, loving and caring for animals and nature, or nurturing and guiding a community. For mothering, in all the different forms it takes...we appreciate you. 



1. Daily Essentials

From morning to night, this delicious and colorful collection will bring your mom nourishment, vitality, focus and calm. Golden Soul is our popular and easy to make turmeric golden milk latte mix. Amai Matcha is a sweet matcha latte mix and Masala Chai is our original chai - the heart of our company and the taste that has had our devotees swooning for decades!



2. Tea is Love box

A starter set of sorts, this gift box contains our most popular clear glass tea pot as well as of three of our most beautiful and best selling teas. Indian Rose Garden is a relaxing and digestive herbal blend. Italian Grey is a vibrant bergamot-infused morning tea and Moroccan Jasmine Mint will take your mom away to a fragrant oasis of fresh jasmine and mint!




3. Mom's Matcha BOX

Turn your mom on to the Matcha life! This set includes everything she will need to bring the health, focus and calm that ceremonial Matcha offers. Mom's Matcha Box includes: One handmade white chawan (Matcha bowl), 1 bag of ceremonial Matcha, 1 wooden Matcha scoop, 1 chasen (Matcha whisk) and 5 of our favorite Matcha recipe cards!




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