Make It At Home: Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea

Moroccan mint tea provided a respite to the desert heat for the nomadic tribes of North Africa, often taken in the shade of a Berber tent. This potent health elixir was a symbol of hospitality and friendship. Today, even amidst the comfort of your own home, these values still apply and traditions can still be created. Firepot's Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea was created to bring you a cool respite and an intoxicating escape from the heat of your life! Steep or boil it with fresh herbs and sugar as they do in the desert as an offering of health and a way to connect with your friends and family.

History of Moroccan Mint Tea

Morocco’s first taste of tea came in the 1700s. Still, it wasn’t until the mid-1800s that gunpowder tea (Chinese Green tea) came to the mountains and deserts of the Maghreb region, including Libya, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. It was born when locals and nomadic caravans along trade routes would boil Chinese Green tea combining it with local fresh spearmint cultivar (Nana) and sugar. It was also called Berber Whiskey because very few Moroccans would drink alcohol. Today, mint tea stands can still be found in every souk in Marrakesh. This can be considered the equivalent of walking through virtually any grocery store in the US and finding this tea.

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A Symbol of Hospitality and Friendship

This tea is more than just a drink within its culture. Instead, it is a symbol of hospitality, friendship and goodwill. It can be consumed all day, from sun up to sundown. There is no “tea time” per se, but every hour is the perfect time for Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea. It provides the perfect reason for friends and families to come together and subsequently escape the arid desert heat of the region. The addition of the jasmine only adds to its allure, by creating a fragrant, intoxicating afternoon treat.


Moroccan Style of Preparation

MoroccanTeaPour_largeThe process involved in the preparation of Moroccan tea is called atai. This art form of sorts is passed down through the generations and often performed in front of guests. It was historically conducted by the male head of the household as a place or role of honor. Tea was serviced in an ornate tea service set on a silver platter. This sometimes ornate silver teaware often remained in families for generations and was a treasured item. There is a particular art to pouring the tea from at least 12 inches above the glasses. The presence of the white foam means the tea is ready. If the foam is noted, this indicates that the tea needs more steeping time.


The Art of the Pour

Get out your most beautiful teaware and begin practicing the art of pouring from high above the glasses, Moroccan style. Now you are ready to download your Moroccan Tea Party Guide to learn more about the art of serving Moroccan tea and the tradition of elegance you can now embrace and pass down within your circle of family and friends. While you may enjoy your tea in the comfort of a patio or inside your air-conditioned space, you can still feel the presence of Moroccan culture when you enjoy this traditional tea, especially if you embrace the artistry and elegance, along with the hospitality and friendship that comes along with each serving.


Making Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea at Home

Thankfully, you can learn how to steep our loose Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea at home through the helpful video below. A quick look at the process includes steeping 2.5 teaspoons of Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea in a cup or 8 oz of boiling water for approximately three minutes. Then, strain. This makes two infusions. Our Firepot Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea has been specially prepared for you, ensuring only the highest quality and keeping the heart of Moroccan culture and tradition in mind.

Learn how to steep our loose-leaf Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea in the video below!

More About Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea

At Firepot, our Moroccan Jasmine Mint Tea is made with the finest grade of Fujian green tea, jasmine, and USA-grown peppermint. Brew this tea with a handful of fresh mint and add a scoop of sugar to create your intoxicating taste of Morocco from the comfort of home. Embrace the tradition of the North African nomadic tribes who used tea as a way to escape during the heat of the day and create your escape with your unique version of Moroccan tea.

To make the Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea recipe, click here.



Steeping Directions:

Steep 2.5 teaspoons (4g) of Moroccan Jasmine Mint in 1 cup (8oz) of 180°F boiling water for 3 minutes and strain. Makes 2 infusions. For 180° F water, boil then let cool 3-5 minutes.


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