Join Us For a Nomadic Tea Party

Nomadic Tea Party will give you a glimpse into various tea-drinking cultures around the world to inspire the creation of your own tea traditions, whether a quiet early morning cup or a lavish late night fete!

an ornate silver tea pot surrounded by beldi glasses with steam coming from an incense burner

By sharing recipes, stories and images from the rich cultures at the origins of tea, my hope is to inspire a tea party revival--one that celebrates Camellia sinensis, the humble tea plant, as a common thread connecting people from ancient China to modern America. 

Nomadic Tea Party follows the journey of the Leaf from its birthplace in Yunnan, China around the world, traveling in caravans along the Tea Horse and Silk Routes, the Himalayan Mountains and in clipper ships around the Cape of Good Hope, sharing stories and recipes it has inspired along the way.

To connect tea lovers with tea growers to improve the lives of both. Along with donating 1% of sales to empower women and protect wildlife, we share tea experiences through Nomadic Tea Party to connect women and improve lives.


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