Yin Chai Tea Recipe


Yin Chai Tea Recipe

Firepot Rooibos Chai + Sun Potion Yin Power

Chai pouring into a cup

Sun Potion's Yin Power is nothing short of magic potion for women. It blends so nicely with Firepot Chai that we have made this a daily ritual for living an illuminated life!

With reishi, he should wu, pine pollen, pearl powder, ashwagandha and astragalus, Yin Power makes you radiant and resilient from the inside out. The sweet spices in Firepot Chai work to accentuate these properties and balance the taste.

Left: Woman holding a cup of chai, Right: Chai concentrate in a measuring cup

Yin Chai: Start by whisking together Sun Potion Yin Power and a splash of water into a smooth paste. Then add Firepot Rooibos Chai and almond milk to the paste and whisk until combined. Finally heat the mixture and serve warm or pour over ice and enjoy cold.

Yin Chai recipe card

Download the recipe card here!

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