Green Tea Edamame at Sushi Rock

On the north shore of Hawaii's Big Island, there is a cool little sushi shop that is the best on the island. They serve regional sushi with additions like macadamia nuts, papaya and local Ahi and Ono. It's called Sushi Rock and they make a tasty green tea edamame that inspired this recipe.


Sushi Rock


Edamame, boiled young soybeans, have been a part of Japanese cuisine since the 1200s. They are Japan's version of the Southern United States Lowcountry's boiled peanuts. Packed with protein and fiber and low in fat and calories, edamame is known to be a drinking food, commonly served at Izakayas in Japan. While edamame does seem to be the perfect companion to a refreshing Japanese beer, it is equally delicious with genmaicha, a steamed green tea with toasted rice.


Edamame with other ingredients


Green Tea Edamame: To make, start by steeping 2 tablespoons of Japanese Peasant Tea in 3 cups of 170 degree water for 2 minutes. Decant the tea into a soup pot. Repeat these steps, resteeping the same tea leaves. Set aside the steeped tea leaves after decanting.

Next, bring steeped tea to a boil. Add frozen soybeans to the pot and boil for 6 minutes. Meanwhile, add sesame oil to a frying pan or wok and bring to medium heat. When fully cooked, drain the soybeans and toss them in the frying pan or wok with 4 teaspoons of the steeped tea leaves. Add salt to taste.

Pile the seasoned edamame in a serving bowl with nori strips, lemon chunks and extra salt. Enjoy!


Green Tea Edamame with a slice of lemon


Download the recipe card here!

Green Tea Edamame Recipe Card



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