Turkish Tea Party Guide

Turkey has been on the top of our wanderlust list of late. Its Byzantine remnants, its old stone Hammams and endless cups of revitalizing red tea served in “tiny waist glasses” with sesame simit! Around every corner, there is a new ancient artifact, a new sensory experience to discover. The warm, friendly culture and natural beauty of Turkey make it a rich and inviting experience...one that we’re eager to share with you through our new Turkish Tea Party Guide.

Quaint little alleyways weave through the cities with shops full of antique magic carpets, exotic sweets, sandals, soaps and hand-loomed towels. The coasts glimmer with an ethereal essence that makes you feel like you are in a dream. The lush green tea hills along the banks of the Black Sea call you to stay awhile, safely tucked away in the middle of nowhere between Asia and Europe.


Considered an important part of Turkish daily life and social interaction, tea is at the nexus of Turkish social interaction. In contrast to the serenity of a Japanese Tea Garden, Turkish Tea Gardens are hubs of social activity - you’ll hear music playing and lively conversations among all different groups including businessmen, students, friends of all ages, families with kids running and playing - all making time to relish relationships brought together around a tiny waist glass and the words “Have a cup of tea?”

In lieu of traveling there, we have taken comfort in a cup of Turkish tea, a bite of Turkish delight, and the music from the Land of The Crescent Moon. If you close your eyes, this experience will transport you there. Our tea party guide shares a bit of the allure of the country and walks you through the process of creating your own Tea Party at home - Turkish style. 


In the Turkish Tea Party Guide, you'll find tips for creating the right ambiance  - everything from how to prepare the table to what music to play and which foods to serve. You find recipes for delicacies such as the lush sugary halva and crunchy bagel-like sesame simit to prepare and share with friends and family.


Traditional Turkish Red Tea is served in small "tiny waist" glasses throughout the day. A gesture of friendship, tea time in Turkey is an opportunity to connect with friends and family, creating space to relax and build relationships. We hope that this Guide helps you find space to do the same.

No tea ceremony would be complete without the proper music to set the mood. Here's our Spotify playlist "Nomadic Tea Party - Turkey" created specifically for your at-home celebration. Listen to the link below or go directly to Spotify by clicking here.


And last but not least, download your free copy of the Turkish Tea Party Guide by clicking here or on the image below. 




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