Hot Teas for a Cool Fall

It’s the time of year when the air is cool and crisp, trees begin their autumn transformation and the world walks with undertones of excitement as our vision turns towards Autumn. Fall steps out in all its glory as if it’s been waiting all year to give one last vibrant curtain call...nature’s grand finale before winter. 

As the bright energy of summer wanes, a slower pace sets in to offer balance and harmony. Harvest reminds us to be grateful, the shorter days offer the chance to snuggle beneath a warm blanket and become, energetically and emotionally, a bit more introspective. 


Favorite Teas for a Taste of Fall

Our cravings and taste buds look for a change as well, finding comfort in warmer teas with invigorating properties that offer harmony in body, mind, and soul. Our favorite Fall go-to teas include Soul Revival, Italian Grey, our classic Masala Chai and Mingjian GABA Oolong. 


Rituals Collection tea: Soul Revival

Soul Revival is a turmeric chai that has invigorating spices and teas to warm up your body and revive your soul as in this season of change. It is made with fair trade and organic black tea from Assam, India with organic spices: cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, ginger and cloves. As part of our Rituals Collection, Soul Revival invites you to turn off your phone, computer and television, and turn on your mind. Breathe deeply and spend time reading a good book, listening to your favorite music or just sitting quietly in silence. 


Loose-leaf tea: Italian grey

Our classic Italian Grey is made from an organic and biodynamic Ceylon black tea and cold-pressed Italian bergamot oil. It makes an amazing London Fog which, aside from chai, is a perfect cup for Fall! London Fog is made with Italian Grey, milk, sugar and vanilla extract. Simply steep your tea, strain and blend with steamed milk, a little sweetener and a dash of vanilla. 


Classic Masala Chai Concentrate

Pumpkin Spice has nothing on our original masala chai. Simply add equal parts chai concentrate and milk and heat and you have a vibrant cup of Fall! Enjoy your masala chai latte with a slice of vanilla chai bread from our Chai Recipe Guide...and you have the perfect Autumn indulgence.


Mingjian GABA Oolong.

From our Masters & Pioneers Collection, Mingjian GABA Oolong is blended with dried pineapple and cacao nib for a relaxing indulgence. This organic oolong has coaxed the maximum levels of GABA from the leaves to offer a sweet, lingering finish and a relaxed state of mind - perfect for a quiet evening at home as the days shorten and the air turns crisp.

Mingjian GABA Oolong 1

Tea Rituals for the Autumn Equinox

Equinox is Latin for “equal night” and is the day when the time of day and night are closest to the same length. The mystique around the equinox has captivated cultures around the world for generations. All people groups have different ways of celebrating the world as it pivots toward winter. 

For your personal observance, honor the Autumnal equinox with your own tea ritual. As you sip your tea, focus your thoughts and become aware of all that is around you. Light a candle and give thanks, expressing gratitude for your life and all that it encompasses. Even the messiness of life holds blessing if we choose to look for it: a sink of unwashed dishes holds the gift of food and those with whom to share it. Piles of unwashed laundry speak to ample clothing and days full of life. Stacks of unfinished projects reveal the presence of hope, goals and dreams of accomplishment. 

On this day, turn simple and normally mundane tasks into an opportunity for reflection. Dusting, for example, is a chance to hold items in your home and call to mind the memories associated with them. Carefully wipe them clean and gently remove the dirt, polish them and return them to their place...all the while giving thanks for the people, places and experiences associated with them.

Perhaps most importantly, give thanks for yourself. We are such a driven and demanding society that we often fail to show ourselves kindness and speak gently and lovingly to ourselves. Journal a list of personal attributes and accomplishments, large and small, that remind you of the value you offer the world. Doing so will flood you with positive energy...embrace it. 

Sip your tea...and smile. 



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