Moroccan Celebration Dates

Nothing is as emblematic of Moroccan cuisine as the date.

The date palms' ability to thrive in desert oases made it essential to the nomadic Berbers that first inhabited Morocco over 2000 years ago.

They used their leaves, wood, sap and fruit and called the date palm the "tree of life". So, dates are the natural accompaniment to Morocco's national drink, mint tea or "Berber whiskey", as it is sometimes called.

Moroccan Celebration Dates ingreidents: medjool dates, almonds, mint leaves, mascarpone cheese

These Celebration Dates combine all the quintessential tastes of Morocco in one bite. I've been making them for 15 years and they are always a crowd pleaser, especially for wedding celebrations.

Left: medjool date cut in half and pitted; Right: Halved, pitted, date filled with cheese

Moroccan Celebration Dates: To make, half the medjool dates with a paring knife, discarding the pit. Next, fill the dates with cheese.

Left: Halved, pitted date filled with cheese and a mint leaf; Right: Halved, pitted date filled with cheese and a mint leaf, topped with a whole almond

Place a sprig of mint on the bed of cheese. Finally, seal the mint in place with an almond. Plate your dates on a serving platter and serve with Moroccan Jasmine Mint tea (click here or the link at the bottom of the page to shop) or Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea (recipe coming soon!).

Moroccan Celebration Dates


Download the recipe card here!

Moroccan Celebration Dates recipe card


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