Matcha Tea: A Journey of Weight Loss and Well-Being

So many are falling more and more in love with matcha. Initially, it could be the vibrant green color that draws them in, but it’s the smooth rich taste and health benefits that keep them coming back for more. Matcha has a  hidden supercharge to help with healthy and natural weight loss while boosting your metabolism. Matcha drinkers are already reaping the benefits, and you could be as well with these weight loss capabilities.



Studies from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have shown that green tea has the ability to drastically lower body mass index (BMI) due to antioxidants that aid in weight management. Green tea is also known to speed up any metabolism, which leads to the body burning more calories. Matcha helps prevent the body from storing fat. 

Matcha Fights a Fatty Diet

Do you know about the positive effects red wine has on the body and on a fatty diet? That is due to high amounts of catechins and polyphenols (EGCG). Matcha has twice the amount of EGCG as red wine does. This makes matcha a great weapon to fight and prevent diseases, lower cholesterol and negate the effects a fatty diet causes.    

Matcha Controls Hunger

EGCG, which is found in matcha, can be used to treat diabetes and has the potential to have a lowering effect on glucose levels. Glucose is a factor that can cause someone to feel hungry and by being able to control glucose levels, you can control hunger. Drink a cup of Firepot matcha when you start to feel a bit hungry, and you will be able to naturally control your hunger. 

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Matcha powers Thermogenesis 

Thermogenesis means heat generation in the body. Matcha is known to increase thermogenesis which helps to suppress an appetite and increase fat oxidation. Drinking matcha helps the body utilize fat as an energy source.

Make a Matcha/Coffee exchange: Swap it out!

Are you used to drinking one to two cups of coffee in the morning? The average cup of coffee or latte may contain more calories, sugar, and fat than you think! The solution? Swap it out for matcha green tea! It will still give you that caffeine kick you need and you may find that losing weight will be easier with this simple switch. 

Starting your day with a cup of Amai matcha tea may get you closer to your weight loss goals. It’s the perfect addition to your diet! Matcha helps you lose weight in a healthy and natural way.  

Matcha - Great for More than Just a Latte!

Matcha's health benefits are something that you may be inspired to integrate into your diet beyond the basic latte. Matcha is versatile and can easily be used to elevate your cooking and baking. Our Matcha Recipe Guide features some of our favorites: matcha lavender ice cream, matcha tiramisu and our go-to on a hot summer day - the iced strawberry matcha latte. There's even a matcha margarita recipe for your weekend celebration! Access your free copy here or by clicking on the image below. 


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